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The Reason Behind My Blog

18 May

While I was sitting in one of the white wooden chairs in the audience at Elevate Blog Conference a week ago, I listened attentively to all of the beautiful speakers. They all had a different, personal story to tell, but like the quote that Ashley told us, “That which is most personal is most universal.”, I realized that there was an underlying similarity within all of their unique stories. The similarity was that we all have a story to share. We all want our voice to be heard. Ashley urged us to think about why we want to share our story. Why do we blog about our lives when we could keep it all private? Why do we put ourselves out there in a world that can be cruel and hateful at times? These questions have been rolling around in my brain for a week now. I have thought about the answers countless times, but have been procrastinating when it has come to writing about them. Why? I guess I’ve been scared to get too real. I’ve been scared to be vulnerable and open up too much. But, in that fear I have discovered my reason why.

As far back as I can remember I have been shy, reserved, and fearful of other people. I have had problems making friends, getting close to others and interacting socially. The social anxiety that I have felt at times has been almost debilitating. Big crowds make me cringe. The fear of rejection has dug its talons in deep within me, and it’s been a long, intense battle to break free. This blog is a place to help me break free. After twenty-eight years of living with anxiety and fear, I am ready to break free. I am ready to love myself for who I am and not let the fear of what other people may think take control of me. It has been a work in progress over the years to become free of this heavy weight. Blogging gives me an outlet to be me, let go of my fears, and share my story with others.

I blog because I want to

be real,

be inspiring,

be raw,

and be ME.

Just Be.

I want to share my story with whoever wants to listen. I want to provide an open place where myself and others can feel safe to just be. I want to inspire you to love yourself, be kind to yourself and others, be happy, and be you. This is why I blog. Thank you, Ashley for asking that question and making me think about the reason behind my blog.

A Special Day to Remember

15 May

Elevate Blog Conference

I attended a blog conference called Elevate this past weekend. This was a conference where 55 women bloggers met up to get to know each other, network, and learn new things from each other about the blogging world. I had recently been thinking that it would be cool to go to a blogging conference, so when I saw that Elevate was a smaller, local conference (about an hour from me), I knew that I wanted to be a part of it right away. But, there was only one problem. It was sold out. I put my name on the waiting list, and lucky for me, a spot opened up. When the spot became available, I started to question whether I should go or not. This sort of thing is really out of my comfort zone. I have always been VERY shy and reserved. For me to go to a conference and introduce myself to 55 complete strangers is a HUGE deal for me. It is much easier to talk to people from behind a computer screen, and even that has been a huge leap for me. But, I thought to myself, “You are a big girl. You need to learn to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.” So, after tossing the idea back and forth in my head and getting the okay from the hubby, I decided to purchase the ticket. I can say now that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Let me tell you why…

When I walked up to the entrance at Newport Dunes, I was immediately questioning if I had made the right choice to come. I did not know anyone. I started to slowly introduce myself to a few people, but soon realized that many of the other women already seemed to know each other. I had kind of already prepared myself for the worst though. I had told myself that it may be really clique-y and I should just take it for what it was. Even if it was a waste of my time and money, I knew it would be an experience that I could be proud of because I took that fearless leap out of my comfortable place.

Elevate Blog Conference

I am so glad that I took that leap because this experience turned out to be so much more than I ever could have imagined.

Summer, Jen, and Nichole planned, decorated, and organized the most amazing event. There was not one detail left out. The decor was absolutely stunning. The schedule was perfectly planned out. There was no disorganization or chaos. It was just perfect! I can’t imagine that it was an easy task to pull off such an awesome conference! Thank you all so much ladies!

Elevate Blog Conference

I met so many fabulous women at the conference. It was a bit difficult to talk to everyone, but the organizers did a great job of mixing up the groups so everyone could move around and get to know each other. I hope to build closer relationships with the women I met through our blogging and social media interactions. They were truly a great group of creative and unique individuals.

Me and "my hubby"

Me and Megan from Absolute Mommy


Group picture from Lora Knight Photography

In my opinion, the best part of the conference was the unspoken bond that I felt throughout the entire day. It’s presence became even stronger during the speeches that Sarah, Kimmie, Erin, and Ashley gave. There was a sense of unity in the fact that we all have a story to share with the world. We all have a passion for writing about our daily struggles, our happiness, and our lives. We feel whole when we use our words to relate to or inspire others. Feeling this connection with so many other ladies filled my heart and made me happy. At the end of the day, this experience had far exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful that I talked myself into going. I will remember this day for many years to come, the day of my first blog conference, and the memories of this day will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤


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