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5 Tips for How to Eat a Clean Diet

27 Mar

This is the second post where I talk about clean eating and how to make it a lifestyle. Read my first post, “What is Clean Eating: 5 Guidelines to Follow”, here. I want to go into how to start changing your diet to incorporate more “clean” foods. Here are a few ways to get started…

  1. Read labels! This is very important to eating clean. Many foods contain unnecessary additives that can be harmful to your body. My rule of thumb is, if it contains something that I can’t pronounce, I shouldn’t be eating it.  I also try to stick to foods with 5 ingredients or less. Less is MORE when it comes to treating your body right.
  2. Eat at home. By doing this, you are able to have control of what you are putting into your body. Many restaurants use processed, frozen foods full of sodium and other unknown ingredients that your body does not need.
  3. Do all of your shopping on the outside perimeter of the grocery store. Rarely will you find anything clean in the middle aisles.
  4. Try to buy organic fruits and vegetables and grass-fed lean meats when possible. This is one that I struggle with. Sometimes it can be difficult to fork over the extra money (no pun intended) for these items, especially the meats. They can be expensive! But, your body will appreciate it in the long run. Our bodies were not designed to ingest the harmful additives, hormones, and pesticides that are found in most of the foods we eat today. It’s no wonder cancer and other diseases are on the rise.
  5. Prepare, prepare, prepare! If you have a plan of what you are going to eat each day, and you ensure to bring enough food with you wherever you go, you will not fail. I use to fall into the trap of not bringing enough snacks with me to work which led me to indulging in the crap (bagels, cookies, donuts, etc.) that my co-workers always bring in. Now, I always make sure to have healthy snacks on hand so I am not tempted by these things when I get hungry.

IMG_2349 IMG_2005

Clean eating has been a work in progress for me, but I have never felt better about my health than I do now. I am never bloated, I rarely get headaches, and I have more energy. I have also enjoyed trying new foods and recipes since eating clean. Some include: cornish game hen and kale (pictured above), grass-fed bison, spaghetti squash, cauliflower mash (tastes just like mashed potatoes, yum!), and different types of homemade hummus. I hope you will nourish your body and give clean eating a try.

Let me know if you have any clean eating recipes or tips to share. 🙂


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