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Workout Wednesday-Beginner/Intermediate Weight Lifting Routine

31 Jul

Hello, hello! I am linking up with Megan today for Workout Wednesday. It’s perfect timing because I am off today (until I start my new job next week), and I have recently started a new workout plan that I want to share. The plan that I’m on was created for me by my hubby who is an aspiring personal trainer. He is in the process of studying for the exam and he works out six days a week. So proud of him!

I would say I am in the beginner/intermediate level in the fitness world. My main goal right now is to put on some muscle. I have lost a lot of fat recently by eating clean, and now I want to get strong. My plan is to start lifting weights three times per week. I will start with small and work my way up to heavier weights so I don’t injure myself. I have picked a Tues, Thurs, Sat schedule. This is my Tuesday routine which targets chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Workout Routine


See below for routine with links to each exercise:

Tuesday   —   Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Bench Press – 3 sets
How to video

Dumbbell Flys – 3 sets
How to video

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 3 sets
How to video

Dumbbell Lateral Raises – 3 sets
How to video

Dumbbell Front Raises – 3 sets
How to video

Dumbbell Upright Rows – 3 sets
How to video

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks – 3 sets
How to video

I take a 30-45 second break between sets and I do reps of 10. This is the first week of the routine, and I am really enjoying it so far. I will post the other two days of my routine soon! Let me know if you want to join me in my routine. We could help keep each other accountable. 😉

What types of work outs do you enjoy?

I workout


Happy Happenings

27 Jul

What happy moments are going on in your life lately? I like sharing mine from time to time. Here are some of them…


I am having a hard time believing how big my little baby is getting. He is becoming a little boy, and it’s happening toooo fast! He loves the park–loves to explore, swing, and get dirty. He’s ALL boy for sure!


Being ALL boy means getting hurt every now and then. This was his first scraped knee. I think I took it harder than he did. He’s a tough little guy!


Do you see that piece of fruit?! ? This is the nectarine tree my hubby bought me for our first wedding anniversary almost two years ago. It has started producing fruit, and it’s actually quite tasty. Little Mr. loves it too!


Speaking of tasty things, I made some Paleo chocolate chip cookies the other night, and they were AMAZING!! I’ll be making them again soon. I just need to go buy some more almond flour…


Another tasty dish that makes me happy is bison burgers with sweet potato fries. MMM MMM!


Look at this dirty little stinker! We took him to the beach again, and he loved it. This time he enjoyed the water too. He walked down to it all by himself and didn’t get afraid of it like the time before. I’m a happy momma! Can’t wait to take him again. Maybe tomorrow!


I’m back at it! Working out 3-4 times a week. I’m slowly starting to build up a routine and keep my focus. I always feel better when I work out regularly which is the number one reason I do it. Secondly, I would like to build some muscle and be in the best shape I can be. I’ll have to post my routine soon so you can join me! You in? 😉


These eggs make me happy too. I love eggs, especially organic, farm fresh eggs. These eggs were given to me by a coworker in exchange for working one of his Saturday shifts. Aren’t they pretty? I wish I had some chickens!

These are some of the happy happenings in my life right now. In between the work and stress of life, I try to find and focus on the happy times. What kind of happy things are going on in your life? I’d love to hear about them!


Gettin’ Fit Update

26 Apr

A few weeks ago I told you about the 21 day bootcamp I did at work and how it has inspired me to get into the routine of working out. ~You can read more about that here.~

Well, how have I done with my fitness goals in the past 3 weeks? I’d say I’ve done a pretty good job. Could I have done better? Gone longer? Pushed harder? Of course! I think there is always room for improvement. But, I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far.

I have been running two to three times a week, and I have gone for two bike rides as well. In addition, I started a 30 day squat challenge yesterday and have started working on strengthening my arms now that my shoulder is feeling better again. (YAY for that!)

bike ride

I want to mention the fact that I have always HATED running with a passion. I have found, though, that it is the easiest (not physically) thing for me to do during my lunch break. I find that for me, my lunch time is the best time to get in a quick work out. I always say I’ll find time after work or I’ll get up early and work out, but that just never seems to happen. When I get home from a long day at work, I just want to spend time with my family, make dinner, and relax. And, who wants to get up earlier? My alarm already goes off at 5:45 AM, and I can barely drag my butt outta bed as it is. So, my plan has been to bring my work out clothes to work with me and run during my lunch break. I have a couple of other girls that I go with so that definitely helps. We motivate each other. We run a mile and a half loop and use a run tracker app to time ourselves. We are getting better each time. I am getting used to running, and it is becoming easier. After I complete a run, I feel so good. It helps clear my mind and relieves a lot of stress and worries. I have gotten to the point where I NEED to work out to feel good. I crave it! If I don’t do something physical at least every other day, I can feel my mood start to change. I get cranky. I have also learned that even on the days when I am so tired that I can’t imagine lifting a muscle, that physical activity is actually what I need. I actually feel more energetic afterwards, and I am ALWAYS glad I did it.


This day was my first 11 minute mile. I was shooting for 12 minutes. 4/15/13


Yesterday (4/25/13), I went for a mile run outside at the park and pushed as hard as I could. I beat my record of 11 minutes, finishing in 9.5 minutes. I felt like I was going to puke, but was so happy!

It feels good to accomplish new things that I never even had the desire to do before. I am enjoying my work outs and feeling stronger. I will post more updates in a few weeks.

Would you like to join me in my 30 day squat challenge? This picture has been floating around the web; it is not my own nor do I know who to give credit for it, but this is the challenge I am doing…

squat challenge


Clean Eating: My Story-Part 3

22 Apr

Read part 1 and part 2 first.

The third part of my clean eating journey is what I call the “refinement phase”. This phase started when my son was about 2 months old. We discovered that he had blood in his stool. The doctor told us that this was most likely due to a dairy or soy sensitivity. Since I was breastfeeding, I cut these foods out of my diet immediately, and he soon recovered.

Since then, I have had small amounts of dairy on occasion, and it does not seem to bother him. I don’t eat soy often, so I doubt it was ever the problem. Recently, I tried to introduce a larger amount of dairy into my diet, and I was sooo sick. Dairy is one of the top ten inflammation-causing foods and some studies have suggested that nearly 75% of Americans have an intolerance to it. I never knew until I stopped eating it that I was part of this group. Are you?

Another food that I have recently discovered that I have an intolerance for is gluten. I got to spend my New Years Eve in the emergency room due to abdominal pain. NOT fun! I was there for 10 hours, had two CT scans, and a pelvic ultrasound. After all of these tests, the doctors were still unable to find out what was wrong. At least it wasn’t appendicitis, which is what they had to rule out. I was a bit upset that they could not find out why I was having the pain, and I decided to start looking into what could have been causing it. I came across a lot of information about gluten. I decided to exclude gluten from my diet for a couple of weeks just to see how I felt.

That was the BEST thing I have ever done for my body! Not only did my abdominal pain subside, but I had way more energy, I was not bloated, and I felt happier. It was scary to think that something I was ingesting for sustenance was potentially causing more harm than good.

Needless to say, I haven’t turned back to gluten, and I won’t be trying to add dairy back into my diet either. However, I can’t say that I am completely finished with the refining phase. I think that there are still things that I can clean up in my diet to perfect it. I will continue to experiment and research what the best options are for me and my body. I want to be the healthiest, happiest me I can be. And, I urge you to do the same. Like I’ve said before, it is a long process, but I don’t doubt that it is the best thing that I can do for my body.

Clean Eating

I’d love to hear your story or any questions you may have. Comment below to share.

If you’d like to read more posts about clean eating, check out these:

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Clean Eating: My Story-Part 2

20 Apr

Read part 1 here.

The next phase of clean eating didn’t come along until I got pregnant. This was the biggest turning point in my life on so many levels. When I was 28 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This meant that I would have to monitor my blood glucose levels by pricking my finger four times a day. I was sent to a diabetic counselor who helped teach me what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. I had to keep a daily log of everything I ate as well as my blood sugar levels. Luckily, I was able to control the diabetes with diet, and I did not need insulin. Throughout the ten weeks that followed (My son was 10 days early.), I got into a routine with the monitoring. It was not easy. I wanted to cry on more than one occasion. I wanted to give up and dive into a box of  Oreos on more than one occasion. But, I didn’t. I followed the rules to a “T” because I did not want to do any harm to my baby. During pregnancy, I had the worst sweet tooth EVER! This did not make things any easier. I got into a habit of eating sugar-free ice cream every night after dinner to satisfy my cravings. Not the best idea, but it got me through this tough time.

Throughout this time, I did quite a bit of research on diabetes, and I learned that those with gestational diabetes have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the future. This made me realize that if I want to be healthy and have a healthy family, precautionary measures should be taken. I vowed to continue using the tips that I learned from my diabetic counselor in the future and to not go back to my overeating and sugar ingesting ways again. I did not want to end up overweight and/or diabetic in the future.


I can say now that although it was tough having gestational diabetes, I am glad that I did because I am healthier now than I’ve ever been. I learned how to eat better through this experience, and I will only benefit from it in the future.

Read part 3 of my story here.


Clean Eating: My Story-Part 1

19 Apr

Where to begin? Like I have mentioned before, I used to eat terribly. It never even crossed my mind that it would be beneficial in any way to eat better. I was young. I had no experience with eating healthy foods. I was brought up to eat foods that were convenient. More often than not, these foods fell into the processed food category. Pop tarts for breakfast, vending machine food and a soda for lunch, and hamburger helper or fast food for dinner made up a typical day of meals back then. I ate this way for many years and didn’t know the difference. As I got older, I started to put on a little bit of weight and I was always tired. I was irritable and falling into a state of depression. This started around my college years and slowly got worse as the years went on. It is only now, in hind sight, that I can see that my diet was to blame for these symptoms.

Things slowly started to change for the better over the last three years or so. It was a gradual process of learning and re-programming my mind and body to eat differently. There were many “phases” that I went through that were triggered by multiple events. The first “phase” of changing my diet was around the time of my wedding. My husband had started a health kick and wanted to eat better and start working out. We both started hitting the gym a few times a week and cutting out the crap from our diet. The main thing we cut out during this phase was fast food. We were notorious for late night partying and topping off the night with a good ole run to Jack-in-the-Crack. We both slimmed down a bit for the wedding day and even kept away from the fast food afterwards. We would stop by a fast food joint every now and then if we were on the road, but nothing near the amount we had eaten in the past. We started to find more recipes and cook at home more often when we started living together. We got a grill, and my hubby became an expert grill master. However, we were still buying some processed foods, still consuming too much food, and still eating sweets. We were also eating out and drinking alcohol every weekend.

no fast food

The next phase would soon put a stop to this (well, most of it anyway). Read part 2  and part 3 here.


Happy Happenings-Week 1

16 Apr

I recently had an idea to do a post about the things that make me happy each week. It’s always good to focus on the happiness in life even when there may be negative things going on around you. This has been a sad couple of days in our nation with the crisis that happened in Boston yesterday. But, to see the outpouring of love and compassion that people have shown through this tragedy is a reason to be happy. My heart goes out to the families of the deceased and wounded, but I know that in times of despair, there is happiness on the other side. In these times of mourning, let us not forget the things that make us happy in life. The things that we live for. The things that we may sometimes take for granted. These are the happy happenings. Here are a few of the things that make me happy:

Lil Mr. in Mustache Onesie

1. My precious baby boy in his new mustache onesie made by Ashley from Chevron Stitches

Date Night

2. Date night with my handsome hubby ❤

Sister Time

3. Family time with my sis!

New running shoes-Asics Gel Cumulus 14

4. My new running shoes!

jumble-of-charms-necklace-Lisa Leonard

5. Winning a $50 shop credit to Lisa Leonard Designs via Vintage Sunshine

This is the necklace I am going to get with two charms on it, one with my son’s name and the other with his birth date. I’m so excited! Isn’t it beautiful?

These are just a few things that I have to be happy about this week. What are some of your happy happenings this week?


Clean Eating and Sweets

9 Apr

I get this question often…”What can I have to satisfy my sweet tooth while eating a clean diet?” This is a great question. I love my sweets, and this is one of the areas that I struggle with from time to time. That being said, it is one of the most important struggles to get control of in order to make clean eating a way of life. You need to rid your body of the toxicity of refined sugar, and I am not going to tell you it’s easy. Although, I will tell you that you will feel better on the other side, and you will be happy you did it. Detoxifying your body of processed sugar usually takes about two weeks. In this time, be sure you are paying close attention to your food labels. The most important part to read is the ingredients section. Sugar is added to so many things these days, things that you wouldn’t even think of, and it goes by at least 50 different names (e.g. cane juice, malt syrup). This makes it more difficult to interpret what’s in your foods, and this is how companies want it to be. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to steer clear of processed foods altogether.

Eat less sugar

 What makes this process less overwhelming is to focus on the foods you CAN have, not the ones you cannot. Some foods that I CAN eat to satisfy my sweet tooth are apples with almond butter (all natural), banana slices and peanut butter (all natural) on a piece of toast (whole grain), or a protein smoothie with berries. I use raw honey as a sweetener for baking things like my pumpkin muffins. I also like Lara bars for a sweet snack. These have no sugar added (except the ones with chocolate chips in them-avoid these) and are made from dates which make them sweet. I really like the cashew cookie one because it is made from just cashews and dates. Simple and yummy!

As for artificial sweeteners, there has been some research starting to emerge that is showing that they are not good for us. I avoid these as well. Because artificial sweeteners are even sweeter than real sugar, they only increase the cravings, so avoiding these will help you kick the habit.

I hope this has helped answer the question of what to do about eating clean and wanting to have a sweet treat now and then. Trust me, it gets easier with time, and your body will thank you for it!


Fitness Goals

1 Apr

Today was the last day of my 21-day boot camp. This was a half hour class that was offered at my work during lunch. We were also supposed to work out on the weekends to reach the target 21 days of working out in a row.

Was I able to do it? For the most part, yes.

I took 4 of the 21 days off to rest. I personally don’t feel that it’s good for your body to not have at least one rest day per week. So, I took what was necessary for me and my body. The purpose of the 21 days was to build a habit. I think it worked because I am kind of sad that there is no boot camp class tomorrow. I will miss the structured class with others around for motivation. I am one that needs that extra umph from a motivating instructor and other class members. I am looking for other work outs to replace the class. My friend and I are going to try to go for a jog during our lunch breaks now. I hate running, but it’s something. And, I need to stay active. Also, I am going to go for a bike ride next week during my lunch break. I haven’t ridden in forever, so I will have to ease back into it, but I’m excited!

boot camp

As for progress from boot camp, I took some before and after pictures, but there isn’t much to see, so I won’t be posting them. My abs have a tiny bit more definition and my legs definitely feel stronger, but I will have to continue on with my fitness goals to see some real results. My goals are to feel better and have more energy, most importantly, and I would also like to gain more muscle. Unfortunately, I re-injured my right shoulder on the 4th day of the boot camp class, so I was unable to do many of the arm exercises. I am working on healing it again so I can ease into strengthening it and building muscle in my arms.

I have never been one for working out much, but now is the time. I’m about to be chasing a crazy little boy around all the time! He needs a mommy who can keep up and play with him. 🙂

What types of workouts do you do? What are your fitness goals? Leave a comment below if you’d like to share.


Making Friends Through Online Social Networking

23 Mar

I want to share my most recent adventure with you. Yesterday, I went to visit the Challenge Loop headquarters.  Challenge Loop is an iPhone app. that let’s you join fun challenges and share your progress with pictures, comments, and/or videos. Challenge Loop was a creation that was incubated within the company called IDEA. IDEA is the leading resource for health and fitness professionals and is based in San Diego. To learn more about Challenge Loop, read my first post about them here.



Lucky for me, IDEA is not too far from where I live. It only took me about half an hour to get there and a little longer to get home (gotta love San Diego traffic!). I met up with Kelli, the social media/web products manager of IDEA. She showed me around the building, introduced me to a few of her co-workers, and we went out for some lunch. It was Foodtruck Friday, and it was my very 1st food truck dining experience. It was so cool! We hung out on the grass, enjoyed the sunshine, chatted about online social media, and ate our lunch. We both ordered chicken salads from the Paleo food truck. It was very tasty!

chicken salad Paleo food truck

Me and Kelli

I am so excited that I made some new friends through blogging and got to see a little “behind the scenes” action of an awesome local company. I will be hosting a challenge on Challenge Loop soon, so stay tuned!

Have you met any new friends through online networking? I’d love to hear your stories about it!


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