Clean Eating: My Story-Part 2

20 Apr

Read part 1 here.

The next phase of clean eating didn’t come along until I got pregnant. This was the biggest turning point in my life on so many levels. When I was 28 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This meant that I would have to monitor my blood glucose levels by pricking my finger four times a day. I was sent to a diabetic counselor who helped teach me what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. I had to keep a daily log of everything I ate as well as my blood sugar levels. Luckily, I was able to control the diabetes with diet, and I did not need insulin. Throughout the ten weeks that followed (My son was 10 days early.), I got into a routine with the monitoring. It was not easy. I wanted to cry on more than one occasion. I wanted to give up and dive into a box of  Oreos on more than one occasion. But, I didn’t. I followed the rules to a “T” because I did not want to do any harm to my baby. During pregnancy, I had the worst sweet tooth EVER! This did not make things any easier. I got into a habit of eating sugar-free ice cream every night after dinner to satisfy my cravings. Not the best idea, but it got me through this tough time.

Throughout this time, I did quite a bit of research on diabetes, and I learned that those with gestational diabetes have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the future. This made me realize that if I want to be healthy and have a healthy family, precautionary measures should be taken. I vowed to continue using the tips that I learned from my diabetic counselor in the future and to not go back to my overeating and sugar ingesting ways again. I did not want to end up overweight and/or diabetic in the future.


I can say now that although it was tough having gestational diabetes, I am glad that I did because I am healthier now than I’ve ever been. I learned how to eat better through this experience, and I will only benefit from it in the future.

Read part 3 of my story here.



2 Responses to “Clean Eating: My Story-Part 2”

  1. adventurer April 20, 2013 at 2:38 PM #

    Hi Natalie, thanks for sharing your story including how hard it can be to “lean against” all the marketing and hype–good for you and your baby that you did though!! I have been helping people eat correctly for 4 years now and put up a blog recently. You might like this article and the ones on grains as perhaps your “step #3” Enjoy!


  1. Clean Eating: My Story-Part 1 | eatnapplay - April 20, 2013

    […] The next phase would soon put a stop to this (well, most of it anyway). Read part 2 here. […]

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