Clean Eating: My Story-Part 1

19 Apr

Where to begin? Like I have mentioned before, I used to eat terribly. It never even crossed my mind that it would be beneficial in any way to eat better. I was young. I had no experience with eating healthy foods. I was brought up to eat foods that were convenient. More often than not, these foods fell into the processed food category. Pop tarts for breakfast, vending machine food and a soda for lunch, and hamburger helper or fast food for dinner made up a typical day of meals back then. I ate this way for many years and didn’t know the difference. As I got older, I started to put on a little bit of weight and I was always tired. I was irritable and falling into a state of depression. This started around my college years and slowly got worse as the years went on. It is only now, in hind sight, that I can see that my diet was to blame for these symptoms.

Things slowly started to change for the better over the last three years or so. It was a gradual process of learning and re-programming my mind and body to eat differently. There were many “phases” that I went through that were triggered by multiple events. The first “phase” of changing my diet was around the time of my wedding. My husband had started a health kick and wanted to eat better and start working out. We both started hitting the gym a few times a week and cutting out the crap from our diet. The main thing we cut out during this phase was fast food. We were notorious for late night partying and topping off the night with a good ole run to Jack-in-the-Crack. We both slimmed down a bit for the wedding day and even kept away from the fast food afterwards. We would stop by a fast food joint every now and then if we were on the road, but nothing near the amount we had eaten in the past. We started to find more recipes and cook at home more often when we started living together. We got a grill, and my hubby became an expert grill master. However, we were still buying some processed foods, still consuming too much food, and still eating sweets. We were also eating out and drinking alcohol every weekend.

no fast food

The next phase would soon put a stop to this (well, most of it anyway). Read part 2  and part 3 here.



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