Crazy for Coconuts!

3 Mar

If you haven’t heard, coconuts seem to be the newest health obsession, and for many reasons. This fruit and it’s products provide multiple health benefits. I have recently been turned on to coconut oil. Unfortunately, it is pretty pricey. The good thing is that it will last a pretty long time and has multiple uses which make it well worth the money. I have only tried it for a few things so far, but will definitely be experimenting with more of the claimed uses soon. (I have to test these types of things out first.) I have used it for a lip moisturizer, and it feels awesome and smells great too! I have also tried it as an eye make-up remover and a facial moisturizer. I would recommend only using it as a night-time moisturizer though, as it is pretty greasy. It soaks into the skin nicely though. I also want to try it on my cuticles and heels as well as for cooking (stay tuned…). This is the kind of coconut oil I have. I bought it from Sprouts. Be sure to purchase the virgin, non-refined coconut oil for maximum health benefits.


 I also recently found a recipe on Pinterest for coconut water. Check it out here! 🙂

Have you experienced any of the awesome benefits of coconut oil? I’d love to hear about it. Comment below to share.


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