Food Love

27 Feb

Last night, I made a little treat for myself and the hubby. It’s a rare and special occasion when I make something sweet. Sugar is something that we try to limit, but every now and then, it is necessary to partake in a little bit of sweetness. This was one of those times. We found a gluten-free brownie mix at a small neighborhood health food store that we went to over the weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this mix other places as well though. It is the Bob’s Red Mill brand.

g-free brownies

I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure how these were going to turn out, but I was very satisfied. They came out nice and fudgy just like I like them. And, the sweetness factor was perfect! I got to pull out my mixer for this recipe…I love when I get to do that! My mixer was my grandmother’s that she bought in the 1950’s. She even kept the receipt and the original box. It holds a special place in my heart. ā¤ Check it out…

vintage mixer

Isn’t she purdy?!

Tonight’s dinner was as equally delicious as the brownies, but much healthier. The hubs made Cornish game hens, and I cooked up some asparagus and rice for our sides. The hens came out perfectly with a golden brown crispy skin and a juicy inside. We don’t by them often, but I think we should start. They are really easy to make, and kinda cute in a weird way. It’s like a baby chicken! Hehe. Who doesn’t like cute food?!

clean meal

What’s the most delicious meal you’ve recently eaten? I love new meal ideas!


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