Who’s up for a challenge?

12 Feb

I recently found this neat app called Challenge Loop. It is an app that lets you browse through and join all types of challenges. You “compete” and share your status with others who have signed up for the same challenge. Some challenges even offer prizes at the end of the designated time frame. There are weekly and monthly challenges or others that are self-paced such as “The 100 Push-Up Challenge”. The types of challenges include nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, and others. This app can be a useful tool to getting started with anything you’ve been striving for. It can help with your diet, weight loss, fitness or anything you want. You can even set-up your own challenge.


I am currently doing two monthly challenges for February. One is the “Butts and Guts Fitness Challenge” (BGFC) and the other one is the “28-Day Blog Challenge” (28DBC). The BGFC focuses on working your glutes and abs by doing body weight squats and planks each day. Every day, the goal is to do more squats and hold your plank for longer than the previous day. Unfortunately, I’m on a couple day break due to my cold. Booo! But, my goal is to do 100 squats and a 1 min 30 sec plank by February 28th.


The other challenge has been helpful in getting my blog up and running. Its focus is to help you build a better blog by challenging you to fix, add, update or share something each day. Both of these challenges have helped me be accountable and focus on the objectives that are important to me. I challenge you to challenge yourself! You may be surprised at what you can achieve when you set your mind to it and get involved with a community of others striving for the same goal. What do you want to challenge yourself to achieve?

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~ Helen Keller


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