Happy Friday!

2 Feb

Happy Friday All! Today was a good day, especially the second half of it. I only had to work five hours today ’cause I got off early to come home and take care of the little man while hubby went to an appointment. Me and Little Mr. had fun together. I fed him some bananas (his fave-my lil monkey!) then we went to the park. Hubby got home and we all took a little nap. Mine was only 20 minutes, but, hey, it was better than nothin’! Then, we decided to go out to dinner because neither one of us were in the mood to cook (which doesn’t happen often). We went to a BBQ restaurant. It was soooo good. I got a FULL rack of ribs; it was only an extra 5 bucks for twice the amount of food, so why not? Now, I have lunch (and possibly dinner) for tomorrow too. 😛 This was the second time we’ve taken Little Mr. to dinner with us. He was such a good boy. And, all the waitresses loved him! He’s going to be a little heart-breaker when he grows up. Watch out girls!





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